Holiday Snowballs

Just in time for the holidays, this excellent recipe for Snowballs via Little Red House.

DIY Holiday Gift Guide

            Need last-minute gift ideas? Check out my DIY holiday gift guide for to jumpstart your creativity and put you in the crafty holiday spirit.

True Loves: Coffee Table Books

One of my all-time favorite gifts to give and receive is a good coffee table book. It’s fun to search for them—whether at your local thrifty used book store or brand new shiny… Continue reading

Creme Anglaise

Simply adorable: Creme Anglaise by Jocelyn Costis via Cargo Collective.

Nudes + Objects + Photography

“Swiss photographer Dan Cermak has just released a new photography book titled I’ve Always Wanted to Do This, in which he’s photographed ordinary people, nude and in their own homes with their own… Continue reading

Back in the Clouds

Photograph of behind the scenes at the Estonia Opera Theatre taken by Kalevkevad of Norway.

Château de Pau

Château de Pau by Colombian native, French resident Françoise Rachez.

Mrs. Godfrey’s Seat of Choice

Mixing modern with retro formal via Jonathan Alder.

Leche Fresca

Photograph by Yashvé Pérez of Barcelona from her Leche Fresca series.

Pastel Punch Bliss

No surprise that I love this photograph as well as Cassia Beck‘s other work.

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